Saturday, November 26, 2016

Room For Rent $263 In Greece  : Greece
Address  :   M, 75, Michail Voda, Athina
Date          : Immediately
Type        : Apartment Building (10+ units)

Description : apartment is here () ** ** P u b l i c T r a n s p o r t 6 minutes walking from Attikí Electric 10 minutes walking from Victoria Metro Station (red and green line) plus many bus lines 12 minutes walking to the Athens Railway station ** ** T h e F l a t 45 Square meter . Just Refurbished as new. New Furnitures on requests can be provided, or you can bring your own furnitures and the price may drop to 201 Euros per month if are NOT required the following: Bed, Fridge, Washing Machine, Hub for cooking, oven, sits and tables. The h e a t e r is powered with Natural Gas, so the bill is Very Cheap. ** **V i s i t T h e A p a r t m e n t Available for visits every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and other days in some special cases. ** **C o n t a c t U s Please contact us after 1pm From Monday to Friday or, in case you 'll call Saturday or Sunday whenever you want. Sofia or Antonio (we are NOT A Real Estate Agency) Thank you!

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